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Jong Hwan Kim
Jong Hwan Kim

Korea university
South Korea

Biography: Dr. Jong Hwan, Kim, is an aesthetic plastic surgeon in South Korea who studied and devoted to facial rejuvenation procedure. Initially, he was specialized and earned Ph.D in orthopedic surgery from Korea university in 1986 and retrained 3 years of professional practice in plastic surgery department at Yokohama City university hospital in Japan. He established Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetic Clinic in Seoul, Korea in 1994 since then he has operated more than 500 cases of incisional face-lift and then established a thread lift procedure in 2003. He conducted lectures in approximately 60 training sessions and live surgeries to physicians throughout Eastern Asia. He was awarded the Grand prize of Health Care Industry from Korea Health Industry Development Institute. Also, He has been a featured speaker at multiple international congresses in Korea, China, Japan, and France.

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