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Short Communication

Keloids from Ear Piercing in People with Pigmented Skin in Sub-Saharan Africa: Modalities and Complications


Kourouma Hamdan Sarah*, Gbandama Koffi Kouamé Pacôme, Allou Ange-Sylvain, Amani Kaunan Leslie-Wilfried Gbonangbo, Coulibaly Souleymane Aziz, Kouassi Yao Isidore

Research Article

Compare the Efficacy of PRP Intervention VS Exosomes for Hair loss, a Case Series Study


Laila Hassan1, *, Kashif Ali Samin2, Samina Mohsin3, Muhammad Iqbal Asif4, Neeta Maheshwary5

Case Report

Chronic Arsenic Poisoning: A Problem of Contaminated Drinking Water


Vijay Aithal1, *, Akash P Mustari2, Muthu Sendhil Kumaran2

Short Communication

Enhancing Dermatology Education through Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies and Technology


Yethindra Vityala*, Tugolbai Tagaev, Altynai Zhumabekova

Research Article

Retailers' Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding the Consequences of Using Depigmenting Products In 2022


Gbandama Koffi Kouamé Pacôme1, *, Kourouma Hamdan Sarah1, Dione Haby2, Touré Mariame3, Soumahoro Madjako Nina1

Research Article

Pathergy Phenomenom: Indicator of Recurrent Vegetative Pyoderma Gangrenosum


Mariel Pimentel Isa 1, *, Lina Pichardo Di Vanna2, Manuel Cochón Aranda3, Priscilla De Los Santos4, Lauri Moscoso4

Research Article

Development of Nanoparticles Containing Bromealin


Íngara São Paulo1, Sandra A de Assis1, Fernanda Vidigal Souza2, Elaine M. Cabral-Albuquerque3, Cassia Britto Detoni4, *

Research Article

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Telogen Effluvium: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety


Uzma Dost Muhammad Rajar1*, Amin Fahim2, Sumayya Qazi3, Navaid Kazi4,  Neeta Maheshwary5, Arjumand Ahmed- Rph6

Research Article

Influence of Aging, Sagging and Fat Mass on the Natural Skin Tension of the Human Upper Chest, Belly and Arm In Vivo


Meriem Ayadh1, 2, *, Marie-Angèle Abellan1, Julie Robic2, Clémentine Didier1

Research Article

LC-OCT Imaging for Studying the Variation of Morphological Properties of Human Skin In Vivo According to Age and Body area: The Forearm and the Thigh


Meriem Ayadh1, 2*, Marie-Angèle Abellan1, Sara Figueiredo2, Mélanie Pedrazzani3, Emmanuel Cohen3

Research Article

Critical Analysis of Make-Up Formulations for Vitiligo Skins


Letícia M. da Silva, Carla A. P. Moraes*

Review Article

Dermatitis; Types, Causes, Symptoms and Management: A Review


Muhammad Ali1, *, Lurwan Mu’azu2, Farouk S Nas3, Yakubu S Ibrahim4

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