Past Issues

2024: Volume 4, Issue 1
Research Article

Pathergy Phenomenom: Indicator of Recurrent Vegetative Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Mariel Pimentel Isa 1,*, Lina Pichardo Di Vanna2, Manuel Cochón Aranda3, Priscilla De Los Santos4, Lauri Moscoso4, Fernanda Nanita de Estévez5

Research Article

Development of Nanoparticles Containing Bromealin

Íngara São Paulo1, Sandra A de Assis1, Fernanda Vidigal Souza2, Elaine M. Cabral-Albuquerque3, Cassia Britto Detoni4,*

Research Article

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Telogen Effluvium: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety

Uzma Dost Muhammad Rajar1*, Amin Fahim2, Sumayya Qazi3, Navaid Kazi4, Neeta Maheshwary5, Arjumand Ahmed- Rph6

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